Play is the beginning
of knowledge

George Dorsey.

Toy Wonderland®

Playing with toys is important when children are growing up and learning about the world around us. They use their toys to find their character, develop their imagination, develop their identity and practice skills which they will need as adults. Toy Wonderland is driven to provide children with world-class toys and accessories. You will find a wide selection of dolls, beauty sets, kitchen sets, doctor sets, cars, trucks, robots, dinosaurs and many more at affordable prices.

The Toy Wonderland® Values


A new landscape of learning is revealed when
children play and pretend. Our line allows
children to move beyond the realms of reality
in a fun environment and foster cognitive and
social development.


Playing and exploring is the best form of research. We aim to help teach your child how to extend their creativity, discover their independence, and achieve positive self-esteem while having a great time.


Having fun is essential in a child’s growth and development. When children enjoy themselves, they feel happy and get excitable and talkative. We aim to provide your child’s favorite toy from their childhood and shape fond memories they will look back on and cherish.


Every new color, shape, texture, sound, and taste is a learning experience for your child. We aim to be your partner in teaching your child to learn by playing, building, creating, reading, and exploring.


A portion of our sales is shared to support a unique cause that helps uplift the lives of others, protects the environment, and achieves inclusive growth & poverty alleviation.


With a genuine commitment to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, we provide you with specially designed and crafted products that will go beyond expectations.

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